Rules in Force

Please use common sense and good judgment at all times. No list of rules can cover all possible situations or circumstances. When in doubt, ask the reception desk for clarification and always be guided by the values of our campground.

Campground Values

  1. Peace
  2. Respect
  3. Fun
  4. Safety
Note: Water is not drinkable

All guests will be considered as having understood the campground rules. When booking your stay, you will receive a copy of these rules.

Thank you and have a great stay!

The Management

  • Campers can set up at their site from 1 p.m. and must leave by 11 a.m. on departure day. (4 p.m. arrival and departure 11 a.m. for cottages).
  • No vehicle, identified or not, can be left on the campsite after the rental period has expired.

It is forbidden to bring a gas tank to fill up your boat at the docks.

  • All vehicles must be parked at the designated campground parking lot.
  • Please keep docks clean and clear.
  • Do not walk dogs on docks other than to access your boat (see section on pets).
  • Do not dispose of sanitary napkins and diapers in the toilets.
  • Monitor your children on the docks at all times. Life vest is mandatory.
  • For docking assistance, call us radio or phone 819-438-2013.
  • Your boat must be tied up securely with good quality mooring rope.
  • The Pavillon des Pins Gris is not responsible for boats.
  • Oil or fuel spills are not allowed.
  • Please ensure that your boat is well maintained.
  • Boat launching : There will be fees to use the concrete launch ramp for any visitor who is not a registered guest of our campground, cabins or docks. ( See the Office for more info’s)

We accept dogs and cats only.

  • Dogs (maximum 2 animals per site) must be kept on a leash and controlled by their owner at all times. 
  • The leash or rope must not exceed the limits of your site.
  • Animals judged to be dangerous will not be allowed on site.
  • Do not leave your pet unattended either on your campsite, in your RV, in your cabin or in your vehicle (including your boat).
  • A barking dog will automatically trigger a guest warning. After 3 warnings, a guest will not be allowed to have their dog on the campground for the balance of their rental period or the guest will be asked to leave without reimbursement for unused rental time.
  • The pet owner must always pick up his animal’s waste promptly. Failure to do so will be cause for expulsion from our facilities on the first offense.
  • Dogs are not allowed on the lake shore, on the beach, on the docks and in public gazebos, inside the convenience store and restaurant or in the kids’ playground.
  • You are responsible for any damages caused by your animal. Violating any of the above rules will be cause for expulsion without reimbursement of fees paid.
No animals are permitted on the Tent sites or in our Turn Key Camping Trailers.
  • All campers must do their construction work prior to June 20th of each season.
  • Work can only be performed between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.
  • Trailers must always be positioned so that they do not block other campers’ view.
  • Construction material must be cleaned up on an ongoing basis and stored right away to keep the site clean and safe for all.
  • Any addition to your site must be pre-authorized at the office before work begins.
  • A plan must be provided containing dimensions, materials to be used and colours.
  • This is mandatory for tool sheds, patios, sunrooms, paving stones or any other parking area materials to be added.
  • Our lots are roughly 40 by 50 feet.
  • If the item being built or installed doesn’t meet campground standards, the camper may have to remove it at the owner’s request.

Sunrooms & Patios A sunroom or patio cannot be more than 12 ft deep. The sunroom must be of a « see-through » type to allow an unimpeded view of the lake for your neighbour. Only the roof can be opaque and only earth colours are acceptable.

Tool Sheds The shed must be positioned next to the trailer and cannot be further back than the trailer. It cannot be on the neighbour’s lot. The shed’s door should be on the same side as the trailer’s door. Sheds and patios cannot be painted blue, red, yellow or other colours that do not blend with nature.

  • We appreciate campers depositing all waste items in the containers located next to the road at the campground exit.
  • Please separate waste into one of two bins : recyclables or waste. Recycling must be placed in transparent bags.  Black garbage bags are not permitted in the recycling bins.
  • On long stays, please empty your waste bins each day to avoid attracting animals and generating foul odours.

It is forbidden to consume beverages in glass containers on the beach, on the playgrounds, in the community hall and in all public areas. We recommend canned beverages.

Extinguishing cigarettes on the ground or using the campsite or beach as an ashtray is not allowed. Each site has a fireplace. Please use it as an ashtray.

Waste water and washing clothes
Connecting a sewer hose to empty waste tanks on your campsite or towards the lake is strictly forbidden. This will be reported to the civil authorities and the Ministry of the Environment. Washing dishes or clothing in the sinks at our common sanitary facilities is not allowed.

  • The camper should inform his visitors of his site number.
  • Visitors cannot drive their vehicle to the site.
  • We have a designated parking area for visitors.
  • Maximum speed allowed is 5 km/h.
  • After two warnings, driving rights will be suspended until departure.
  • If a camper refuses to follow this speed rule, he/she will be told to leave with no reimbursement of unused rental time.

Motorcycles & All Terrain Vehicles
Only quiet motorcycles and ATVs are allowed in the campground and only for the purpose of getting to your site.
All other motorcycles and ATVs must be parked in visitors parking and their drivers must walk or be escorted to their campsite.

Driving in the Campground
Automobile travel is restricted to necessary situations.
Pavillon des Pins Gris is a place dedicated to the outdoors and the well-being of its guests. We recommend that you walk or bike to get around. This maintains an enjoyable experience for all and a safe environment for our children.

Boat trailers

A dock is required for boats of 17 feet or more. The docks are designed for this purpose.  We rent docks with services and without services.  It is forbidden to park your boat or boat trailer at your campsite or beside your cottage or to park a closed trailer.  We have a designated parking area for this.

For seasonal campers, trailers of 17 feet or more cannot be parked on site.  Boats and personal watercraft of 16 feet or less, parking is available for a fee per season.

Designated docks are available to rent for jet skis.

You can communicate with our office regarding our rates.


Number of vehicles per site

Only one vehicle per site is allowed.

No Parking Allowed

It is not allowed to park near the common sanitary facilities, near or in front of the beach or in front of the convenience store. 


Exception : People with reduced mobility, with a vehicle identified as such or staff vehicles.

  • We ask all drivers to be extremely vigilant when driving on the grounds.
  • 5 km/h is the posted speed limit. You must give priority to children on foot or on bicycles. 
  • Anyone who witnesses a driver that does not follow these rules should report them to the reception desk.
  • We ask parents to accompany their children as much as possible. They should play on your campsite, at the playground or at the beach.
  • Avoid having them play on the roadway, especially on Friday nights or at peak traffic times.
  • Hover Boards or Evercross Hover Boards should have LED lighting for after dark use.  Evercross Hover Boards must have a  fluorescent flag.
  • Curfew is at 11 p.m.
  • Noise that can be heard from the neighbor’s site is not allowed.
  • Fires should be downsized by 10 p.m.
  • Any complaint should be made at the reception desk or by email to 
  • If curfew is not respected after repeated warnings throughout the summer, a camper will be asked to leave the campground, with no reimbursement.

This is the only place where campfires are allowed on the campsite.
Fires or their embers cannot be left unattended and must be fully extinguished before you leave.

Vehicles with noisy exhaust are not allowed on the campground.
Such vehicles can be parked at the parking lot next to the bicycle path.
Noise or music that can annoy neighbors is not tolerated.
All activity must end by curfew time which is 11 p.m.

  • Electricity cannot be used in the same way we use it at home. 
  • Electric space heaters and electric water heaters cannot be used in your RV. Their use is not allowed and could lead to a camper’s expulsion without reimbursement of campground fees.
  • We ask that refrigerators and water heaters be used on propane mode at all times.
  • An additional fee will be billed if a camper installs an electric refrigerator. For more information, please visit the reception desk.
  • Air conditioners should not be left on when people are absent from their unit. This could lead to expulsion without reimbursement of campground fees.
  • If your site breaker disconnects, check your electrical connections especially the G.F.I. breakers on outlets and reset the panel breakers. If the problem persists, please call reception and we will dispatch a technician.
  • Campground management reserves the right to evict at its discretion, without reimbursement, any camper or visitor it determines to be undesirable.
  • In case of major weather events such as flooding, tornadoes, significant storms or earthquakes, we advise that you leave the campground using your private vehicle. 
  • The campground owners are not liable under any circumstance for damages, losses, expenses or disbursements caused to a campsite renter by the following : loss of electricity, wind, water, rain, hale, insects, birds or other animals, trees, fires, theft, accidents or damages, trouble, injury or inconvenience caused by the action of other campers or third parties.
  • The owner or his staff are authorized to request a security deposit of $250.00 from any camper or group of campers if they deem it necessary.
  • This deposit will be reimbursed at rental end after the campsite or cabin has been inspected and found to be in good condition.